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If you are attempting to register for "Teaching Middle School Civics", please be advised that the materials are not precisely aligned to the Florida Department of Education Civics Test Item Specifications. Please be advised that there are no assessments associated with these materials nor will participation be monitored for purposes of accumulating professional development credit.

We recommend instead that you make use of our more current materials at http://floridacitizen.org (click on "7th Grade Applied Civics Resources for Teachers"). You will need to create an account to access the materials.

Teaching Middle School Civics is a 27 module online professional development program that provides background content knowledge, pedagogy training and resources for teaching the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for 7th Grade Civics.

Each learning module targets one to three civics benchmarks and is designed to provide content and pedagogical videos and text to support a middle school civics teacher. Learning modules include the following resources:

  • A Pre-Module Pedagogy Toolkit: a narrated Keynote presentation that provides a broad pedagogy approach to teaching each of the four civics standards
  • Teacher's Content Corner - background content knowledge reading
  • Conversations in Civics Video - a 15 minute content based interview
  • Teaching Perspectives Video - a 15 minute lesson demonstration & interview
  • A Featured Lesson Plan & Related Lesson Resources – the full lesson or specific activities from the lesson covered in the Teaching Perspectives Video
  • Module Assessment
  • Supplemental Advanced Study and Lesson Plan Resources
    • Additional content reading
    • Additional lesson plan ideas
    • The full-length lesson demonstration video

This course was developed to support any middle school teacher or administrator looking for resources to teach civics. Once you create an account, you will have access to the entire course for one year (12 months).

Several university faculty, and staff have contributed to the development of this course. They include: Kevin Anthony, Michael Barnhardt, Michael Bissett, Douglas Dobson, Ph. D., Terri Susan Fine, Ph.D., Emma Humphries, ABD, Valerie McVey, John Pagnotti, Elizabeth Washington, Ph.D.

This course could not have been developed without the participation of the following social studies teachers: Jennifer Adkison, Vanessa Arrington, Eugene Chavis, Sara Collins, Kevin Copes, Robyn Dilmore, Christy Disinger, Mark Gibson, Michael Harrow, Pamela Hawthorne, Kinnan Johnston, Tammy Johnston, Michael Koller, Jan Leisher, Eric Leopold, Grady Miller, Jennifer Powell, Naze Sahebzamani, Cathy Schroepfer, Greg Shurman, Stacy Skinner, Terri Smith, Jonathan Watson, Jessica Webb

Course development was guided by a Florida Association of Social Studies Supervisors Advisory Committee including: Ted Banton, Paula Lesko, Bob McLaren, Jackie Migliori, Jeanne Sanford, Elizabeth Smith

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